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Welcome to WipEout Anti-Gravity Racing: World Class!

No doubt you're here because you crave the high-octane world of WipEout! But have you ever wondered how good you really are? Perhaps you've only ever played against the AI, and you're probably pretty good. But against real-life opponents, who all think they have what it takes to be the best, do you have what it takes?

And that's what we're here to find out. Enter into the Anti-Gravity Racing World Championships here to determine your global ranking. Every week, friendly WipEout tournaments will be hosted in one of the formats (HD-Fury OR 2048), and if your entry is successful, your points will be submitted to your profile and global ranking. Earn virtual trophies to demonstrate your ability in the world of AGR, and see how successful you are in each event.

Do you have what it takes to be the best? Or will you be left behind in the dust ...?

Whatever you do, don't WIPEOUT!!

NOTE: ranking is separated into each format. If you wish to develop your ranking in both formats, apply to tournaments for each as often as possible!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

No applicants?

I can't help but notice that no one's sent an e-mail through to me yet to apply for the world rankings. It may be true that you can find your place in the world from the device itself, but I am proposing a system that allows you to directly improve your rating. If you're anxious about personal details of the sort you needn't be concerned, but if something continues to bother you just contact me at the usual address and we can sort it out.

Now, you'll notice that the team descriptions post was left incomplete. I do intend on finishing it, but right now there's a huge event going on at school that requires my attention. It's tomorrow actually, so after that I should be able to concentrate on the rankings a bit more.

Let's rev up the pace!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Post 2: Possible Pilot Date; Teams Part 1

So I'm thinking of making the initial race date the 9th of August 2014 , at approximately 3:00PM GMT +0:00. As of now this is just a suggestion and is highly subject to change. Either way, the race should be around that date, so it is IMPERATIVE that you apply to the site before then. If you apply to the site then you will recieve a notification e-mail closer to the actual date of the tournament, but this time round I'll probably send a few just to be sure (it's the pilot run, after all).

The format will be 2048, but the next will be HD-Fury. As such, I've decided to post some info on each of the five teams at the time of the 2048 AGRC in-game, to help you with your application. Remember that you can change your team at any time so long as you have not successfully applied to any upcoming tournament, and you MUST use a ship(s) from that team only.


FEISAR (an acronym for Federal European Industrial Science And Research) is a European organisation established in the year 2036. It was at first ignored due to it being primarily overshadowed by the Foundation for European Anti-Gravity Research. Said group became defunct in the year 2042, six years prior to the earliest game (based on in-universe chronological order), and had its most basic asset relocate to Japan; as such, FEISAR stepped in to act as the European representative of anti-gravity racing. In the games, the FEISAR ships are generally balanced, making them advisable as the starting team of most new players. However, as the player's skills develop, they may be inclined to look towards raw power, such as Pir-Hana/Piranha and Qirex, as the basis for their playstyle. FEISAR retains its status as one of the easiest teams to play with, alongside Auricom and Mirage, and in the 2048 matchup is more competitive than its counterpart in the HD-Fury format.

 AG Systems

AG Systems (a contraction of Anti-Gravity Systems) is a team formed, as explained above, as a result of the collapse of the Foundation for European Anti-Gravity Research. Strangely, it is based in Japan, after it was acquired following the dissolution of the Foundation. It is one of the most popular teams in WipEout history. AG Systems is advised on ZONE courses, especially the AG System Agility Ship (due to it having a perfect handling stat), as well as any technical courses. Its popularity rises both in the later stages of the game, where tracks become more difficult to maneuver as a result of high speed classes, and in online play, where pilot assist is disabled. The main sacrifice for this is the loss of speed, but this is often regained in the form of a faster route around the course.


Qirex is a racing team formed by former AG Systems employee Holst McQueen after he was dismissed from the company following a "communication breakdown" between himself and fellow employee Delia Flaubert. Whilst McQueen went on to form the Russian-based team Qirex, Flaubert went away to form Team Auricom a year later. McQueen, who was very much obsessed with money, eventually sold the team over to the Overtel corporation, yet remained as director. Under the direction of McQueen, and thanks to the practically limitless funding and resources of Overtel, Qirex became the most devastating team of its time. Qirex is a very popular team throughout the series and is blessed with good stats in 2048 across all of its ship types. The Speed ship has an almost-perfect rating, whilst the Combat ship has a perfect firepower rating and almost-perfect health rating. The Agility variant is the best of both, with reasonable speed and handling, above average firepower, and a health considerably better than that of other Agility ships. The prototype ship, a pseudo-Combat ship, is also incredibly powerful, as it swaps the ability to pick up weapons for practically limitless Cannon firepower! Even powerful weapons, such as Plasma and Quake, can sometimes seem unimportant in the light of Qirex steel.


League Table Change

Nothing major, but I've decided to change the ranking table from TOP 10 to TOP 8. This reflects the number of racers that can participate in one race, but makes it just a little bit more difficult to reach the top spots. Remember, however, that the current standings of all racers can be viewed on a separate page (for each format). The link is accessible at the bottom of the tables.

Let's rev up the pace!

Post 1: Origins

Welcome to the WipEout World Championships!

My name's Owen, as you can tell from my e-mail address, but my PSN username is Darkplayster2. I've played WipEout since its introduction to the PS3 era in 2007 with HD-Fury. Since Sony Liverpool, the development studio responsible for the WipEout series, was closed in mid-late 2012, I took it upon myself to find a way to regenerate the series. Recently I've contacted the studio founded by those involved in Sony Liverpool, called Firesprite, to ask about a series reboot.

But until then, I've started this blog to make WipEout online as fun and interactive as possible for budding WipEout pilots. If you're interested in making an application, PLEASE READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS!!! You'll always be able to find them, whether it be now or at a later date, on the right-hand side of the page. This document features most of the rules that govern the blog, the rankings, and anything else related to WipEout AGR World Championships. This includes the rules for making an application, so if you're interested in taking part you MUST head there first!

Another thing you may be interested in is becoming a tournament supervisor. You'll see this mentioned throughout the Terms & Conditions document, because as the site gains popularity I WON'T be able to act as administrator for every event. I would prefer it if people wanted to take on this responsibility sooner rather than later, so if you want to become a tournament supervisor, contact me at to register your interest.

The first race will not be held for about a month, or not at all until we have enough applicants. In any case, those of you who have enlisted in the World Championships will receive a notification via e-mail as to when the first race will be held. It would be greatly appreciated if you could encourage others who play the game to get involved too: just send them to

Let's rev up the pace!